Tue, Jan 16 2018

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Mariyam Unoosha, commonly known as “Kiddy” is arguably the most talented and creative artist we have in the Maldives.To date, she remains the only person to win the interschool singing competition organized by TVM, three times consecutively.Kiddy continues to showcase her talent and win public support both at national and international arenas. Many would consensually agree that Kiddy is the most professional and experienced artist we have seen in our generation. Kiddy is also the first ever Maldivian musician to land the opportunity to record a song for a Bollywood movie. Having been selected as a judge of Maldivian Idol, Kiddy describes the opportunity as a milestone achievement in developing her career. 

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Ibrahaim Zaid Ali or popularly known as Kuda Ibbe is amongst the most popular artists in the music industry at present. Having over 15 years of industry experience to his credit, he is a talented individual with numerous awards and titles to his acclaim. Kuda Ibbe claims much respect for his composing skills, given his ability to create his own unique compositions. Being selected to the judging panel of Maldivian Idol as described by Kudda Ibbe is a reflection of the public acceptance of his efforts and contributions. Listing it beyond his wildest dreams to have been selected as a judge, Kuda Ibbe hopes Maldivian Idol would become the most successful show in history.

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Introducing to the judges panel, Ismail Affan is a talented musician and a performer famously known for his unique voice and vocal range. Affan started his music career in 2004 as the main vocalist for CHSE band, which is now known as ‘the 70s Poster Band’. His first musical achievement dates back to the inter-school singing competition where he won the 1st place for under 16 age group in 1998. Affan continuing with the’ 70s Poster Band joined a second band ‘Nothnegal’ in 2011. His local success includes receiving the Youth award from the president in 2013. Additionally he is a founder member of the monthly event- fannu ge dharin. Affan describes, the opportunity to be on the judging panel of Maldivian idol, is his greatest achievements over his youthful music career.

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