Tue, Jan 16 2018

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Moosa Waseem started his career as a junior news anchor in 2004, but with much dedication and hard work, became a primetime news anchor, within a short period of time. Since 2007, he has been bringing the current affairs on primetime every weekday and was one amongst the three presenters who travelled with the presidents of the Maldives acting as a correspondent. In his journey as a president’s correspondent, he has travelled to Asia, Europe and every corner of the nation. Every Maldivian became accustomed to seeing him on television on all major and national events. One of his most noticeable achievements in his career as a journalist is interviewing high profile politicians, government officials and foreign delegates. He completed Bachelor of Arts in Journalism, and is currently the senior editor of Public Service Media, overseeing the parliament channel, ‘Majilis TV’. He teaches journalism classes at Maldives National University as a guest lecturer. Before becoming the presenter of the first franchised reality show in the Maldives, he presented many prominent shows such as Heyyambo, Rahathafaathu, Ehaaraai Mihaaru and Raajje Miadhu. His devotion to his work and years of experience have paved the way for him to be a part of the Maldivian Idol, hosting both season 1 and season 2 of the nation’s favorite show. He played a huge role in season 1 of Maldivian Idol, for which he received countless positive feedback from the public and constructive criticism which he accepted with his usual optimism. His work as a presenter of the Maldivian Idol, was loved by the public, which secured his position as the presenter of season 2 as well. One thing we can all agree on, is that the presenters of Maldivian Idol season 2, Moosa and Lam, complement each other well.


“Love from my fans and the public defines my success. Their support played an immense role in molding me into who I am today and helped me reach my full potential in my 13-year long career, and as far as rewards go, that is more than enough.”

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Aminath Lamha Latheef is one of the well-known female vocalists of this generation, who gained fame after her performance in ‘Ehandhaanuga’ show. Her sweet and melodic voice became a favorite of many youngsters, and soon the offers to perform at major events and shows started to pour in. Since then she has performed in many entertainment shows, charity events, award shows and international shows. Before her ‘Edhigen mirey dhaanamey’ fame, she participated in the Interschool singing competition for 5 consecutive years. Being a presenter has been a dream and a passion of Lam, since her childhood. Back then, she made her own video songs and presented entertainment shows, which was only seen and praised by her family. Even though, Maldivian Idol isn’t the first platform where she has shown her presentation skills to the public, it is definitely the first show that has given her the most exposure as a presenter. Her presentation skills along with her on-screen chemistry with Moosa, definitely makes the season 2 of Maldivian Idol more interesting. Lam, who is also a food enthusiast, loves to be well-dressed and groomed at all times.


“The only reason that I am here today, is my family. They have been a pillar of support throughout my life, encouraging me to pursue my dreams, and for that I will forever be thankful. Thank you, mom and dad.”

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