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Moosa Waseem started his career as a junior news anchor in 2004, but with much dedication and hard work, became a primetime news anchor, within a short period of time. Every Maldivian became accustomed to seeing him on television on all major and national events. Before becoming the presenter of the first franchised reality show in the Maldives, he presented many prominent shows such as Heyyambo, Rahathafaathu, Ehaaraai Mihaaru and Raajje Miadhu. His devotion to his work and years of experience have paved the way for him to be a part of the Maldivian Idol, hosting both season 1 and season 2 of the nation’s favorite show. He played a huge role in season 1 of Maldivian Idol, for which he received countless positive feedback from the public and constructive criticism which he accepted with his usual optimism. His work as a presenter of the Maldivian Idol, was loved by the public, which secured his position as the presenter of season 2 as well. He returns as the host of season 3 with a large fan base. “Love from my fans and the public defines my success. Their support played an immense role in molding me into who I am today and helped me reach my full potential in my 14-year long career, and as far as rewards go, that is more than enough.” Moosa said. 

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Shaina Shareef, the new female co-host of Maldivian Idol season 3 is not new to the world of Presenting. She started her career at the music channel of the National Radio Station, Dhivehi FM, at the age of 17 years as a Radio Jockey and soon became a fan favorite whilst working as a producer/presenter. Her RJ career was filled with one achievement after another, in producing/presenting youth focused programmes with dedication to promoting loca music. After 10 years of working as a RJ Shaina has now changed career path to become a TV producer. Her main focus has aways been youth and entertainment, focusing on creating programs which are youth oriented and promotes local artists. Shaina's first TV appearance was back in 2009 on a show called vidhuvaru on TVM. One of her career highlights would be hosting the national school singing competition in 2015 on TVM. She then went to co-host idol pre show during season one in 2016. Now once again, Shaina takes a huge step in her career as co-host of MI season 3 and hopes to live up to the expectations of viewers. She expressed excitement for the show, citing that it was a wonderful opportunity for her to broaden her horizons in the field along side a talented presenter as Moosa Waseem. "I am very excited about this venture, it is an honor and a great opportunity to work with such talented people" Shaina said. 


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