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MALDIVIAN IDOL is the first franchised television show in the Maldives, judged by a panel consisting of experienced musicians of the country; Mariyam Unoosha, Ibrahim Ali and Ahmed Ibrahim. With Fremantle Media’stechnical consultancy, technical personnel were trained abroad for the show. Maldivian Idol will be marketed through all the mediums of Public Service Media, which includes; TV, Radio, Online and Print Media.Maldivian Idol will be held in association with the Maldives Marketing and Public Relations Corporation (MMPRC) and the National Centre for the Arts (NCA). 

Maldivian Idol is part of the global “Idol” franchise, and marks the biggest singing competition series to be aired in the Maldives.With 600 participants, Maldives’ own version of the “Pop Idol” format is ready to premiere on January 22nd. The contestants will be narrowed down to 12 finalists who will battle it down in the competition. With weekly eliminations, only three finalists will be able to compete for the ultimate title; the Maldivian Idol. 

The show’s judges – Mariyam Unoosha, Ibrahim Zaid Ali (KudaIbbe) and Ahmed Ibrahim (Ammadey), traveled across the country in search of the first Maldivian Idol. Giving all the participants an opportunity to showcase their talents and embrace their individual experience, we bring you the most anticipated event in the country, the Maldivian Idol. 

After each song that was sung by the contestants, the judges critique that contestants’ chosen song. From the third round onwards, the audience of the show holds the power to determine fifty percent of the result, and Maldives must vote for the contestant to whom they think really shined. Text message and online voting begins immediately after each performance show, and the results are announced during the following night’s broadcast.

With local telecom giant Dhiraagu as the title sponsor, the final show with the top three contestants, is scheduled to be held on April 30. The core associates of the show are, Lotus, Dabur, Allied Insurance and Maldivian. Beverage partner is XL Energy drink. Public Service Media has allocated a cash prize of MVR 250,000 to the winner.

It is believed that the MALDIVIAN IDOL will be the top entertainment program in the history of the country. To date, there has been enormous excitement and public support for this show. It is inevitable that this show will be one of the most successful events in the Maldives.


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