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Q: How did you breakout into the music industry, and when did you develop an interest in music?                                 

A: I have always been interested in singing. I first started singing in public during the TVM Singing Competition in 1998 – and I won first place in my age category that time and overall third. I continued singing even after that throughout my high school years.


Q: Talking about music, when can we expect to hear your solo album?

A: The album is almost complete now. It’s an alternative album so it has all kinds of music. It would be released very soon, and the first music video has also been shot and finalized. So, it will be coming out in the near future.


Q: Moving on to Idol, what was your initial reaction to Idol?

A: I didn’t think it could be pulled off in Maldives, I was skeptical at first. Not that we lacked talent, but the people would have had a hard time accepting it – but when everyone saw the final product, we all had a change of reaction. It was so good that we all accepted the fact that yeah, such a thing could also be done in the Maldives too.


Q: Do you think that your presence on the panel will change the way the audience perceives the show?

A: To be honest, I am not that known throughout the Maldives – I’m not that media friendly. But everyone who is in the industry knows me, they know my work. So in a way, the people who know this – the people who know what music is will; they already have shown great support and even given me a few suggestions on what to improve on the show itself.


Q: What are you going to bring to the new season?

A: I want to bring out the creativity of the participants – I don’t want them to be singing copy tunes of Hindhi songs. And I know for a fact that this season would be better than the previous – so I’m expecting a full package to win this time, just like the previous.


Q: What would you say to those who are rather shy to participate in the competition?

A: I would say this is the best platform for anyone who wants to sing and make it big in the industry. There is no other platform than Maldivian Idol in this country.


Q: Who would you like to thank in this opportunity?

A: First of all I would thank God, and then my parents, my family and all my friends who have been such a great support for me.

While the auditions for the upcoming season has already begun, the new season is on the verge of being the biggest on Maldivian TV to date, and we could not be more excited. And the addition of Affan to the Judges’ Panel only reiterates the show’s commitment to develop music in the Maldives.  

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